Photographer:Frida | The GEN activists who made the speak Photographer:Frida | About 50 people joined the meeting, but very few of them Aurovillans Photographer:Frida | Representatives of GEN and Auroville discussed together Photographer:Frida | we are not alone: Hundreds of Ecovillages joined the network Photographer:Frida | Nicely said
22 Jan / 2016Program by:

As species still in kindergarten

Auroville is the biggest member in the GEN Global Ecovillage Network, but most Aurovillans not even know about the existence of the Network. Representants of the GEN are these days in Auroville and speak about their network. Daniel Greenberg spoke about the work of GEN, Serena Aurora showed a film about it, and the audience discussed about why Auroville is not more involved in the GEN network.
A highlighting of the speak and the discussion.

The next speak will be on Tuesday, January 26th, at 4 pm at Pitchandikulam.

The film about GEN can be seen here: