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20 Jul / 2015Program by:

Astrophysicien Conference-

Alone in the immensity of the cosmos? Conference par Le Pavillon de France

Since that day of August 1995 when a team of the Observatory of Haute-Provence, France, discovered the first extra solar planet near the star 51 Pegasus, the long quest of the astrophysicists found its completion. Today, we know several thousand of extra-solar planets. These discoveries found much echo among a large public as it is a subject that is touching many of us, which is about our place in the Universe. Admittedly, for the moment, many big « warm Jupiter » have been detected, but we are now able to observe planets similar to ours, and furthermore to start answering the fundamental question, maybe one of the biggest challenge of present science : Are we alone in the Universe?
Alain Doressoundiram is an Astrophysicist at the Observatory of Paris.
(The recording ends during the Q&A session)