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31 May / 2021Program by:

Audible Weed Walk – ep.43 “The fascinating trail of pepper: Pippali/Thippali”

Going over the list of 15 plants included in the Kabasura kudineer – I could find several that are wild, weedy, uncultivated ones. Some of them grow around here and a few among them are not just medicinal but also edible. I have been highlighting the edible ones in my last couple of podcasts so that we can eat these awesome plants and include their benefits in our meals. Only one is left for this week – it is our pippali or thippali – which are grown and grow wild as well. The scientific name of this plant is Piper longum. It belongs to the family Piperaceae – a family that created history, influenced politics, and fates of millions. So, I thought why not take a journey with piperaceae?