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17 Jul / 2021Program by:

Audible Weed Walk – ep.50 “We are celebrating : w/ a weed walk and some snacks”

We are celebrating : w/ a weed walk and some snacks :  This is the 50th episode of the Audible Weed Walk podcast. We have covered so many topics of interest – till now. like – whether wild weedy greens should be avoided in the monsoon or if foraging is still practiced a lot by rural India, what are some of the traditions and celebrations linked with the wild weedy greens. But for this podcast I wanted to do something different. This time you are coming for a weed walk with me. We will collect the 10-15 leaves from the first 10 wild weedy edible we encounter and make a tasty snack from them. As I collect the greens I will also tell you what each one is good for. Enjoy the walk and the treat !