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Audible Weed Walk – ep.63 “G for Greens, Ghosts, and Ghouls”

Geez have you noticed – there are some ghastly ghostly associations with the day when those, who just experienced south western monsoon in the Indian subcontinent, re-start eating the wild (or not) nutritious greens after a longish gap? It seems the spirits – that are nice and not so nice – can be won over, or scared off from us if we boost our immunity with the strong, nutritious, wild, wonderful greens. Yes, that was bhoot choturdoshi or chhoti diwali, which happened the day before the diwali festivities. That day marks the birthday of the god of Ayurveda and in India it is the National Ayurveda Day! Why this celebration now? Is it only in India? Want to know some of the wild weedies you can have after the rains are over? Listen on…