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11 Feb / 2022Program by:

Audible Weed Walk – Ep.70 “Edible Wild Flower – Aesthetics”

Weedy flowers offer unconditional beauty. Many of them grow close to the ground and never get the attention of humans. Noticing them one realizes that the world is not beautiful just for the human beholders – it IS and needs to be beautiful for all. As I am updating the Edible Weeds and Naturally Growing Plant book for its next edition – I realize that I have had a long journey since the book came out in 2015. So much I still have to know and share. I also know that everything I will not be able to share in the books. For that I have podcasts and social media. Thought why not focus on edible flowers this week and suggest you a chewy rice cake I have adapted from Korean tradition but with a twist. Listen on, try and let me know at With so much going around in us I wanted to invoke aesthetics as a prayer – with the help of the weedy greens and flowers… I am wishing for aesthetics in me, around us, and in our dealing with each other.