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05 Mar / 2022Program by:

Audible Weed Walk – Ep.73 “Shining example of overlooked yummy wild green”

Shining example of overlooked yummy wild green: As slowly the mercury rises, we find ourselves in the cusp. Still cool but clearly warmer weather is round the corner. Mom rings the reminder bell – urging to eat light, and start eating bitters. Bitters there are plenty coming up. However, one plant, full of seasonal benefits, nutrition and micronutrients, and yet not quite bitter! Still is mostly overlooked and ignored locally. Which one is it? It is in my coloring book. But to lead you to it, in this podcast I describe it, give you clues, to enable you to arrive at the plant. When you find it, keeping its properties in mind, try out some new ways of incorporating them in your diet. Share with me.. and I would love to acknowledge in the next podcast. Looking forward..