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Audible Weed Walk – Ep.80 “Wild Food and Fairness – Part 2”

This is part two of the humongous topic we want to chip into in bits — Wild Food and Fairness. Last podcast was #76 where we addressed it some. We will address this too a little bit then take a pause to reflect, discuss, think. If you are on social media, you too must, like me, have received wonderful ads of organic products that are so much in alignment with my views, values and taste that at some point it becomes unnecessary to focus on the details and I go straight to the product – because of course they are they must be sustainably sourced, local, gender sensitive, livelihood generating, enabling and empowering women, involve tribal people, conserving the ecology while increasing income for the local who had very little means; – all the right keywords are there. So, comfortably I feel that I don’t question. With such beautiful artistic presentation and the tales of green-ness, I almost slip into the trans – of all good, can only get better. I give an example where I read an ad, where customers were promised flowers not from farms but from the forest (read potentially depleting the forest) are used to make wonderful flower products. Looking into it I see they are rhododendrons, which are much used in a few Himalayan states seasonally drawing all kinds of benefits from the flower. Do we know if locals can afford or “choose” to sell – because of the commercial use? Can it be really sustainable? What needs radically transparent business to benefit both entrepreneurs while benefiting the locals and not otherwise. Write to me your thoughts at I would like to know.