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Audible Weed Walk – Ep.94 “Greetings! A peek into the weedy history of human relation with food and Nature”

Wishing joy and prosperity for all! Have you ever thought why or whether agriculture really started around the Nile Delta and until corn reached North America from the Oaxaca valley in central America what was grown or eaten in North America? A recent article on recent research credits many simultaneous origins of agriculture – including in South India. It seems out of 300K plants humans know how to use only about 10% of them. Why do humans choose to use them and not others? One theory is that animals people hunted – trod the ground favoring certain plants. Those plants that could grow taller, and produce larger seeds with thinner outer coating were preferred. Today many of those plants eaten by the ancient people are relegated to the status of weeds. It is time to look at the wild weedy plants for grains and greens for our health and the health of our planet. Listen on, as I give examples from our own backyard.