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Audible Weed Walk – Ep.95 “World Food Day: Leave NO ONE behind”

October 16th is World Food Day (#worldfoodday2022), a day to remember that many in the world are not privileged enough to have enough food and avoid hunger. Reiterating in this episode that diversity in every sphere of life including bio-diversity in food is key to a resilient and healthy body and the planet, we need to focus on diverse, local, and seasonal food; food that can be available and accessible to all. This defines edible wild greens often tagged as weeds. The more we act glocally – we realize that by exploring our own backyard we feel connected to humanity worldwide. Take the example of pitseed goosefoot I mentioned last time. Another such plant that epitomized that image of being available to all, and yet highly nutritious is water-spinach, widely eaten in parts of Asia but grows far beyond. Take a listen and catch up on a water-spinach recipe to try. Share with us if you have other recipes.