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24 Oct / 2022Program by:

Audible Weed Walk – Ep.96 “Kartik: We follow the spirit of our season”

The month of Kartik has rolled in, in the areas of SW monsoon. In Tamil Nadu it will be a month later. Amazingly our calendars are tuned in to the local realities. Can’t we gear our public distribution system (PDS) and other decisions based on this spirit of uniqueness and similarities? If we could, it would have favored diversity, the variety that are regional specialities, the creatures that depend on them, who are lost in trying to find a one-size fits all. Traditionally, Kartik was a difficult month and yet a month full of hope and possibilities. It is a month to clean up, boost immunity, eat fresh greens, yes the wild weedy ones, and nutritious tubers. It is the time to celebrate, to remember, to bring in light within and beyond! Wishing you happy festivities of the season!