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04 Nov / 2019Program by:
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Aura Talks: Episode 2 – Circular Basic Income

Welcome back everyone for Episode 2 of Aura Talks! In last week’s episode we laid the foundation for what Universal Basic Income (UBI) is, and in this episode we go on to talk about the differences between the funding system in the traditional mode of UBI and what we are trying to  experiment with here in Auroville. What is the difference between traditional UBI versus Circular Basic Income, which is our personal spin-off? Again with the fancy terminology, we know, we know, but we can assure you that it’ll all make more sense once you listen to the podcast. We will explore the differences between these two different models, as well as discuss a little bit about why the latter makes so much more sense, especially for Auroville. We will also be talking about why the current economic model in the world isn’t what we are aiming for, and highlight on certain issues that Auroville has already like “Groupism”, a certain lack of organisation when it comes to offerings from the community and how exactly we can shift the mindset of community members from the idea that we live in Scarcity as opposed to Abundance. So join us for this conversation on how and what we are trying to tackle here in Auroville, painting a picture on both kinds of UBI and what they entail and of course Malcolm’s signature food for thought. Happy listening!

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