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09 Dec / 2019Program by:
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Aura Talks Episode 7 – The Origins of Unfold Your Skills

Episode 7 is all about the workshops, not unlike Auroville. The all women crew: Sudipta, Lucrezia, Tina, Valentine and Ahilya, are here to spill the beans on what inspired us to use the workshop method to communicate the project to Auroville. We will guide you through our steps, from our first workshop (ever!) in Last School to the most recent one at the African Pavillion and give you an insight on what we expected, what actually ended up happening and what we learned from all of it. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Not so much a podcast as just 5 girls chatting about how lovely, inspiring and of course challenging it has all been, and at the same time you get to know our intention behind workshops, its design, what we were trying and sometimes failing to achieve and some (now signature) dashes of humour and laughter to fill up the room. Happy Listening!