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25 Feb / 2020Program by:

Auroville Choir 2020

The Auroville Choir concerts were held in Cripa last 8th and 9th February.

In this Programme you can listen to the full song list of the second concert.

00:00 The Rose

Words by Christina Rossetti and music by Ola Gjeilo. Mixed choir and piano.

03:20 Nigra SumI am black

The words are from the ‘Solomon’s Song of Songs’ and the music by Pau Casals. Female choir and piano.

08:00 Der GondelfahrerThe Gondolier

Words by Johan Mayerhofer and music by Franz Schubert. Male choir and piano.

11:00 I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud

Words by English Romantic poet William Wordsworth and music by Aurovilian composer Anandi Sala Casanova.Mixed choir a capella.

13:48 ÖhtulEvening

Work by Estonian composer Pärt Uusberg on a poem by Ernst Enno.

Mixed choir a capella.

17:10 The Steady Light

Words by Sheila Dunlop and music by Reginald Unterseher. Male choir a capella.

19:10 Lunar Lullaby

Words by Kathleen Nicely and music by Jacob J. Narverud. Male choir and piano.

24:08 Days of Beauty

Poem by Emily Bronte, music by Ola Gjeilo. Female choir and piano.

26:45 Tundra

Words by Charles A. Silvestri, music by Ola Gjeilo. Female choir and piano.

30:00 Say Something

Words and music by Ian Axel, Chad Vaccarino and Mike Campbell. Mixed choir and percussion.

34:12 Baba YetuOur Father

The lyrics are based on the Lord’s Prayer in Swahili. Original arrangement is by Christopher Tin; this choir version was rearranged by Julie Gaulke. Mixed choir and percussion.


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