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05 Dec / 2015Program by:
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Auroville Radio is 11 years old!

Today Auroville Radio turns 11!
Lets hear from our listener Armando in the US what this service means to him as we launch our 2015 Fun(d) Drive. We look forward to your collaboration and we thank you for your support!

Mother’s Agenda – June 1958
“”We are preparing upon earth the connecting-point, that point of communication and junction between the mental and terrestrial human consciousness and the supramental and superhuman Consciousness. It is a whole intermediate world that is being worked out, a new creation manifesting and materializing.
In order to be realized here upon earth, this creation must utilize the already existing material means and powers, but in a new way, adapted to the new needs. One of the most essential powers is the financial power.””



  • Fan of AV Radio, New York

    You can count on my support.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful service that you provide.

    • Andrea

      Thanks Amando ! 🙂