Photographer:Marco Saroldi | Cofounder of AurovilleToday, Alan. The presentation was held at the Unity Pavilion, Auroville Photographer:Marco Saroldi | Mr Carel, Alan and B Photographer:Marco Saroldi | Mr Carel holding up the Auroville today 12 year compilation 2006 - 20018 Photographer:Marco Saroldi | Original team member story sharing
04 Dec / 2018Program by:
Featured: Alan and AndreaLanguage: English

Auroville Today Celebrates 30 Years of Publishing

On Sunday, 2 December 2018 at the Unity Pavilion, Auroville Today, an Auroville issues and topics for the world to muse publication, celebrated its 30th birthday. The opening was dedicated to the sharing of stories by a few of the original team.

The 30 year birthday celebration launched the Auroville Today latest compilation of the last 12 years (2006 – 2018) of issues with nostalgic stories, mocktails and appetizers and then asked the question; How can we enrich our communication culture?

The focus of the meeting shifted to the consideration of the existing forums for discussion among Aurovilians and how these forums have not furthered free expression or human unity.
Many participants contributed their ideas as to how and what matters relating to the community that can be expressed in a constructive environment, in a way that is in consonance with Auroville’s ideals, and in a way that strengthens rather than erodes human unity.