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AurovilleRadio Audience Survey

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Dear Listeners,

Pls Help us Help You in 2016!
Fill out our 5 min audience survey up till Jan 11th!!!

We at Auroville Radio care about our listenership. We have grown as a station in the last few years, with the help of dedicated listeners from all over the world. And so we’ve decided to work with our listener community in order to make content that caters specifically to your interests as Aurovilians, aurovilians at heart, and citizens of the world. With the help of this survey we hope to obtain statistical information about our listeners regarding the languages they speak, their listening habits and their views on the website (as we are in the process of redesigning) all in order to best serve their interests and make changes for a better all-around radio experience.

Click here to start the survey:



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04 Jan / 2016

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