Photographer:Zarya | Jaya, Helena, Judith and Tapas Photographer:Zarya | Chetana Arya, visiting guest and Mrs. Jaya Patel Photographer:Zarya | Achut Patel and Tapas Photographer:Zarya | Mr.Indra Arya Photographer:Zarya | Achut Patel Photographer:Zarya | Mrs. Chetana Arya Photographer:Zarya | Judith

Before, and Early Days of Auroville with Ashramites and Aurovilians

Exhibition The Dan of Auroville at Kalakendra Gallery is a frame for sharing sessions of people from Ashram and Aurovilians.
Yesterday we had an unique chance to hear interesting memories of Achut Patel, Jaya Patel, Indra Arya, Chetana Arya, followed by thoughts of Judith., and other Aurovilians who came here around the time of the beginning.
Throughout the session expressed feelings of humble gratitude for being on the spot at those times up to today, prevailed.
Aurovilians again dwelled more into practical hardship of early days of Auroville, consecrated in material realisation.
An exhibition with basic information on the concept of Auroville, its inauguration and the beginning of Matrimandir till November 1973. It has been curated by Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives in collaboration with Auroville Archives and Bharat Nivas.