Photographer:Kristen | (Photographer: Kristen)" rel="" /> Photographer:Kristen | Professor Jeff French's value/cost exchange matrix. Photographer:Kristen | (Photographer: Kristen)" rel="" /> Photographer:Kristen | To influence behavioral change we need to remove barriers that block people from acting in the desired way. Photographer:Kristen | Outside New Por Tous, residents participate in closing their waste cycle by giving containers to be reused.
01 Jul / 2013Program by:
Featured: Min and AkshayLanguage: English

Behavior Study on Waste

On Monday Min and Akshay of “earth & us” presented their findings from a study of how garbage is handled in Auroville. This study was on waste in particular but was conceptualized as an example for behavioral change more generally. Many Aurovilians see the need for more ecological practices being normalized in the day to day life of the community. How do we encourage those practices to take hold? Listen to the first part of the presentation and see the {slideshow} for ideas and findings that make for the beginnings of an answer.