Photographer:Gino | Meenakshi reading the astrological prediction for this coming year Photographer:Gino | Meenakshi showing a manuscript made with palm leaves Photographer:Gino | Traditional Tamil Dance and Music Photographer:Gino | Refreshments made with local seasonal ingredients Photographer:Gino | Meenakshi holding a traditional manuscript
19 Apr / 2017Program by:
Featured: MeenakshiLanguage: English

Celebrating Tamil New Year 2017

A collaboration of Ilaignarkal Education Center and Mohanam Cultural Center, brought together the Tamil New Year celebration in Auroville hosted by Visitor Center.
The Ilaignarkal Education Center is involved with teaching and bringing together the Tamil workers of Auroville. The Mohanam Cultural Center experiment with making different sorts of instruments (mainly percussion, string and wind instruments) out of local material.
Almost like a harvest festival many seasonal fruits and vegetables were presented in honor of the Tamil New Year. Astrological predictions were announced as what the coming year would bring. Live traditional Tamil music and dance enhanced the event.