Photographer:June | Prof. Herbert Dreiseitl Photographer:June | Prof. Herbert Dreiseitl showing an expamle of water conservation in nature Photographer:June | what do we do where there is no more of water Photographer:June | Anushree  and Bettina are assisitng Herbert in demostrations Photographer:June | water always meander, and the current is faster on banks Photographer:June | drop of water falling in water creates a perfect circle Photographer:June | circle expands in (usually) hexagram
09 Jan / 2019Program by:

Collaborative Planning Sessions – Herbert Dreiseitl on Dimensions of Water

Second presentation with Prof. Herbert Dreiseitl within Open Participatory Session of Collaborative Planning Sessions or Auroville – a way forward was on Dimensions of Water. Herbert Dreiseitl, from Singapore who is a Water Specialist, Landscape planning and Urban Design, Green Systems and Green Buildings, Professor at National University Singapore is also an active part of the Von Zadow International team.
Audience was on their toes (literally) to see very interesting demonstrations with water, with which Prof. Herbert Dreiseitl demonstrate how the water behave under certain circumstances, and how that this behavior relates to creation of galaxies, and inter relation of many different galaxies or groups. those exists sporadicaly – one to another, meandering some times in one direction, then to the other, or as one could translate into the patterns of the different groups interacting in the society – some times goes for the benefit of one group, sometimes of the other, but it is always a way to coexist.