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18 Aug / 2020Program by:

Cup Of Joy – ep.11 “De-cluttering one’s drawers = de-cluttering one’s life!”

Nowadays CLUTTER it’s almost an ever-present companion of modern life. We have Digital clutter, Information clutter, Material clutter and even Clutter in our activities & schedules… and all of this eventually contributes to generate crowded thoughts and restless emotions! So then…

Where is the place for space, time and tranquillity? When it comes to choose what to keep and what to give away, it’s so useful to ask oneself: What really matters to me? Did I really want all this amount of stuff or did it accumulate overtime without realizing it? How would that feel to be free from useless items? How much lighter could my life be? In today’s episode Francesco & Vega will explore the theme of “freeing-through-De-cluttering” under different perspectives.

They’ll look at concrete possibilities of making one’s life lighter & easier by clearing out unnecessary “items” from one’s own personal physical and digital spaces… They will also talk about the philosophies and practices of Essentialism by Greg Mekewon, the Decker method and Minimalism by Mari Kondo and share few interesting studies and data. As usual they’ll inspire the listener to take positive action by implementing some of the suggested practical tips related to this topic in one’s life.


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