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14 Sep / 2020Program by:

Cup of Joy – ep.13 “Water and its healing properties”

Water it’s for us a synonym of Life and of Health. Whenever water is missing, life simply cannot exist and even less thrive.

Think about all great civilizations, they all germinated from areas rich in water such as rivers, oceans or oasis. Wherever water was present life could germinate, develop and grow. In the same way, our body needs to be nurtured by abundant supplies of fresh water, in order to stay healthy and for our life to develop and grow.

But how much water do we need to get? In which way? Hot or cold? Pure or with infusions? In how many ways can we benefit from this precious element beside just drinking it?

Throughout the episode we’ll explore some possible answers to these and more questions.

We’ll also talk about the possibility of healing or improving our relationship with water by connecting to positive experiences and releasing old traumatic memories. We’ll share about the fascinating water-body-work called Watsu as well as some visualization techniques and Sensory Awareness exercises.

As usual Francesco and Vega will share some practical tips that can help us to use water at our advantage for living life at its fullest.