Photographer:Miriam | Balu Photographer:Balu | Murugan is tryign to save computer Photographer:Balu | Colapsed shed Photographer:Balu | saving and cleaningn Photographer:Balu | volunteers capsule Photographer:Balu | drying wet products Photographer:Balu | parking space

Cyclone as Message from Nature

At Auroville Bamboo Research Centre, as all around of Auroville we could hear sound of chain saw and hammers, but Balu kindly spent some time to answer our questions. Nature is giving us message – to do something together, is his observation. Him and all the bamboo centre team share sadness over fallen trees in the area as . Last week passed in cleaning and evaluating damages, and somehow Balu is of opinion that they are on this plot at industrial zone not to make a mess with many various kit roof structures but to develop it in whole,