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Delta Blues

As one of the earliest styles of blues music Delta blues is regarded as a regional variant of country blues.
Today’s musical edition we start with one of the oldest recordings, although Delta blues certainly existed in some form or another at the turn of the 20th century. Freddie Spruell is the first Delta blues artist to have been recorded – his Milk Cow Blues was recorded in Chicago in June 1926. In late 1920ies record companies realized the potential African American market for “race records”.

Freddie Spruell – Milk Cow Blues (1926)
Tommy Johnson – big fat mama blues
Ishman Bracey ‘Woman Woman Blues’ (1929)
Robert Wilkins – Alabama Blues.
Ma Rainey – ?Booze And Blues
Big Joe Williams-Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
Garfield Akers – Cottonfield Blues, Pt. 1 (1929)
Mamie Smith – Goin’ Crazy With the Blues
Son House – Scary Delta Blues (Live)
Charley Patton (1891-1934) – Shake it and Break it, but – 1929 _ 1930
Ma Rainey – See See Rider Blues (1924)
Freddie Spruell- 4a Highway
Ishman Bracey(1928) ‘Saturday Blues’
Mamie Smith – That thing called love
Garfield Akers – Dough Roller Blues (1930)