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12 Mar / 2020Program by:

Developing a water vision for Auroville – Presentation by Paul

A pilot Citizens’ Assembly began in Auroville on Sunday 8 March, to consider the topic: Developing a water vision for Auroville and ways to implement it.

34 Aurovilians and Newcomers of different backgrounds are participating in this experiment on four Sundays over the next few weeks.

A Citizens’ Assembly brings together randomly selected community members to undertake collective decision-making for positive progress in Auroville.

During the process, participants hear from water experts from a range of perspectives, including bio-regional, planning, farms, forests, water distributors, specific technologies, water quality, spiritual/healing qualities, cultural, education, industry and climate change.

On the final day, participants will work together to agree on recommendations for a water vision for Auroville.

Here you can listen to the Presentation held by Paul.