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Discovering Integral Yoga: a conversation between a Newcomer and an Old-timer

This is a spontaneous event between two friends, one who is applying to join Auroville and one who came to Auroville in 1974. Monique is a French Canadian/ American who has lived in several intentional communities throughout the world and (together with her partner Daniel) had over 20 years of association with Auroville.
She asked her friend B (William Sullivan) for the essence of Auroville, the Yoga, in more understandable and practical terms. B jumped right in, of course,They did two episodes already that got some positive feedback.
Then they decided to get deeper into the implications of doing Integral Yoga in the global context by drawing Dr Andrea Paige into the conversation. Andi, as we all call her, started young in Auroville through the Living Routes Program and kept coming back for the last decade as often as she could. Andi did some incredible things from “burning man” to Wonder Woman.
If Auroville is meant to be the “cradle of the supramental”, we wanted to explore what we are birthing. Andi has already cycled through different careers and now has even taken a step beyond artificial intelligence. We so much enjoyed our learning with her that we are happy to share it with you.
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  • Bhaskar

    Absolutely loved the feel of this show such an awesome experience. Thanks for doing this.