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14 Nov / 2019Program by:
Featured: B and MoniqueLanguage: English

Discovering Integral Yoga: a conversation between a Newcomer and an Old-timer

Monique is a French Canadian/ American who has lived in several intentional communities throughout the world and (together with her partner Daniel) had over 20 years of association with Auroville through their education program named; Living Routes, which annually brought college students to study in Auroville. She is the mother of two daughters and a professional midwife who created a birth video of her own deliveries called Birthing Peace; demonstrating mindfulness and self-hypnosis for pain-free joyous childbirths.
She asked her friend B (William Sullivan) for the essence of Auroville, the Yoga, in more understandable and practical terms. B jumped right in, of course, Because of his too many years in seminaries and graduate schools in the areas of literature, philosophy and theology, his discovery of Sri Aurobindo in the early seventies changed his life forever. Living in Auroville all these years has given him some perspective on its history and possibilities.
The two of them are enjoying this approach to learning and happy to share it with you. You can reach either of them for your comments at or