Photographer:Jorren | The EOTO group
29 Mar / 2012Program by:

Each One Teach One

The workshop and performance organization Each One Teach One collaborates with various breakdance crews from Germany and Aurovillian musicians to give a breakdance workshop and to perform in Auroville and Pondicherry. The workshop starts tomorrow, March 31st in Verite. Everyone is invited to come and learn and benefit from each other.
In this program the founder of EOTO and the collaborating B-Boys talk about their visions, Auroville and of course the workshop and their upcoming performances.

The first performance takes place on the 3rd of April in Visitors Centre, at eight o’clock. The second one is on the 5th in Pondi at the Gandiji Statue at half past five. The last performance is aiming at a block party ambiance in the Aurodam garden, at eight. The date is currently unknown.
Also, a few fragments of the Pax Project CD, a project in which EOTO participated are included.