Photographer:Nelson | Geodesic Dome Photographer:Nelson | The Whole Workshop Team Photographer:Nelson | National Bamboo Research Institute, Maharastra Photographer:Nelson | Serena(left) and Niki(Right), Joy of Impermanence Community Photographer:Nelson | (From Left) Ashmil, Pavani, Romail, Shalini and Neema, Bamboo Centre Photographer:Nelson | Florain
30 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: SerenaLanguage: English

Exploring the unique Geodesic Dome built for Joy of Impermanence Community

The Joy of Impermanence Community was a project born on 2016 and which was formed under the Youth-Link. Serena and Niki who are members of the community, gives insights onto the vision of the community in living the ideals of non attachment and bringing the original spirit of Auroville more into life. They dive deep into the communities’ philosophy of living together as a family and also building as well as growing sustainably. They gratefully appreciate the association and the work put in by the Bamboo Centre to build the marvelous Geodesic Dome as their community space in the Centre Field.

Romail being a strong pillar of the Bamboo Centre gives in-depth knowledge into the Geodesic Dome. He speaks about the potential of Bamboo for sustainable architecture and explains the phenomenal characteristics of the material. The workshop constituted of 31 people in which 16 were from the National Bamboo Research Institute in Maharastra and also another 5 multi national people. Florain takes us into the workshop as he talks about the coordination which made the Geodesic Dome a reality in just 6 days.

The Bamboo Centre proves to be a platform for different communities in Auroville to look forward to sustainable and eco friendly architecture.