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02 Apr / 2015Program by:
Featured: BLanguage: German

Fresh Poetry Jam at Sacred Groves

Auroville’s first Poetry Jam brought together 10 poets: B, Vierta, Usha, Cameron Sabron, Zurash, Simon, Monica, Julie and Jill; 10 poetic characteristics: Romantic, Dramatic, Speechless, Enlightened, Epic, Thrilling, Comic, Awesome, Tragic and Eye-opening; and 10 delicious jams courtesy of Naturellement. How they aligned was determined by either members of the audience or a panel of experts. Who would be voting was determined by each poet in the moment. Characteristics were represented in Auropaper bouquets–each one a flower. Before each poet could perform, MC Peter asked them a series of hilarious questions so the audience could know them better. Mara was responsible for vote tallying which as the final results came turned out to be a little lopsided. Nevertheless all jams were distributed and every poet left a winner.
As MC Gi explained, this is the difference between a Poetry Slam where poets compete and a Poetry Jam where poets come together for their own and the audience’s enjoyment.