Photographer:Divya | Geddy Aniksdal in Auroville for the Tantidhatri International Women's Performing Arts Festival Photographer:Divya | Geddy Aniksdal Presents a documentary on the Sense of Place city walks
14 Mar / 2012Program by:
Featured: Geddy AniksdalLanguage: English

Geddy says Walk on the Street'

Actress and director from Norway, Geddy Aniksdal, here gives a talk on an unusual kind of theater piece that she started in the small, sleepy, sparsely -populated city of Porsgrunn in Norway to invite more people. It is called the ‘Sense of Place’ city walks. Residents and tourists participate in a walk across the town and theater actors bring alive certain aspects of the city through their performances in selected spots. It is about creating a ‘sense of the place’, rather than creating a ‘destination city’.

This talk was organized in Auroville as part of the Tantidhatri International Women’s Performing Arts Festival.