Photographer:Avdhi | Aravinda giving a report on the Delhi meetings regarding the highway Photographer:Avdhi | Michael giving the youth perspective on the current situation in Auroville Photographer:Avdhi | A concerned resident voicing his opinion during the meeting Photographer:Avdhi | Aurovilians present at the General meeting on 9th October, 2018 Photographer:Avdhi | Francois explaining the effect of the highway on Auroville and how it can be protected Photographer:Avdhi | Jesse from RAS, introducing the agenda of the meeting. Photographer:Avdhi | Lata providing further information on the workings of the highway task force

General Meeting Regarding The Master Plan and The Highway

Currently a proposed 4-6 lane highway is threatening to cut through Auroville. After discussion with the central government, the highway no longer cuts through the master plan, but through areas of outlying Auroville. This meeting was held to help inform the residents of these recent updates and to hear their views on the possible expansion of the master plan to fit in the many communities that lie outside that original one, but is home for a large chunk of Aurovillians.

This meeting was non-confrontational and the proposed solutions will be sent to the community for their approval.