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Photographer:Zala | Jenny Mallin Photographer:Zala | Jenny Mallin

Grandmother's Legacy

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Despite the rain , this Sunday morning Jenny Mallin has visited us in our studio and shared with us some insights on her beginnings of the book – Grandmother’s Legacy, which was recently published in England. Jenny herself will present the book in the afternoon at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in International Zone from 4pm onward. . The story of the book brought Jenny once more to India where she has planned to travel through five cities where her five grandmothers have been living – Dehli, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Pondicherry. Whilst traveling she is presenting the book, and today’s presentation will be the only one in the area.
book is an amazing, multifold document of certain era , place with its intimacy of family cooking and eating habits. A legacy which should not be forgotten.

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Patricia Plummer Jan 03, 2016 Reply

A very nice and frank interview. So nice to hear about your journey. All the best.

jude Apr 11, 2016 Reply


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Jenny Mallin
Jenny Mallin