Photographer:Andrea | Joss Brooks
12 Feb / 2012Program by:
Featured: Joss BrooksLanguage: English

Greening Auroville: Lessons

Joss Brooks, one of the first Aurovillians, told us a heartening story of ‘greening Auroville’ and the lessons learnt along the way. What was is it that made people come from all over the world to convert almost 60 acres of arid land outside Chennai into a thriving green space for plants, birds, animals as well as the local people? And how did they do it? Joss speaks of grit and determination, of learning from the locals, and of the satisfaction that comes by loving the miraculous world that’s a gift to humanity.

Towards the end, Joss also talks about another more recent and successful ecological restoration project by Auroville which involved turning a dump in the middle of Chennai (a busy metro city) into an eco-park.