Photographer:maryliz | Heather Lee sings the music of Hildegard de Bingen Photographer:maryliz | Kim Cunio chants and plays piano Photographer:maryliz | Heather Lee singing Photographer:maryliz | Kim Cunio at the piano Photographer:maryliz | Kim tells of Hildegard de Bingen's compositions Photographer:maryliz | Heather sings and Kim plays electronic harpsicord Photographer:maryliz | Heather singing and Kim playing the piano

Hildegard de Bingen – A Symphony of Sacred Repertoire

On Sunday night, 20 June, at CRIPA, Heather Lee, the Australian award-winning singer and soloist, and Kim Cunio, Australia’s leading composer and interpreter of sacred traditional music, transported the audience back in time performing the radical sacred music written by a unique Bendictine nun, Hildegard de Bingen, known as being transcendental.

Heather’s high voice rang like crystal during her solos and blended with Kim’s deep Gregorian style during other compositions always enthusiastically accompanied by Kim on piano, electric harpsicord and Indian tanpura.

Heather also sang out the ‘Ave Maria’, a prayer set to music by Schubert, and closed the night with Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now’ and ‘Woodstock’, which her voice beautifully fit.

Both Heather and Kim have been commissioned to perform projects all over the world and after an 8 year span, we were thrilled to have them return to Auroville.


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  • elisabetta

    Wonderfull !! Thank you Radio Auroville.