| Aviram (in the center) surrounded by friends Photographer:Puja | Cycle for your power (station) Photographer:Puja | People gather in the shade for the presentation Photographer:Puja | Exploring Sadhana Fores with Aviram Photographer:Puja | Preparing the food for the community Photographer:Puja | Low impact kitchen (detail) Photographer:Puja | The solar panels providing the power to the community
23 Dec / 2011Program by:

Hope & Inspiration

8th birthday of Sadhana Forest was really and occasion to celebrate. In an interview with Aviram, co-founder of Sadhana Forest Community we can hear short overview of what was going on last eight years with this so successful project of aforesatation. The fact is that this self sustainable community is great inspiration to many on this planet, and as Aviram says” sure that everything is possible, believe in Grace and Divine will support you…” on Puja question what have been his plan of action. Many visitors celebrated with Sadhana.