Photographer:Frida | House on wheels on the Sacred Groves Area Photographer:Frida | The main construction site: Ecological Moodhouse (Nov) Photographer:Frida | SAIIER conference room Photographer:Frida | Sacred Grove Team Photographer:Frida | Conventional Construction causes huge ecological damages
10 Mar / 2016Program by:
Featured: VariousLanguage: English

How to build the future? (short)

Accompanied by construction noises from a new concrete building site behind SAIIER, workers and supporters from Sacred Groves were discussing with opponents of the Sacred Groves project, skeptical Aurovillans and deputies from the Housing Board above big issues: How exactly should Auroville build its future?

Manu begins with an introduction about the importance of ecological construction and about the Sacred Groves housing project. The following discussion sets up all critical points about the project: It is supposed to take too long, to be too costly, and a couple of architects who are present dont believe the buildings to maintain stable into the monsoon. The questions are answered by the founders of Sacred Groves and its volunteers.

The music is taken from the German Combo “17 Hippies”.
The Sacred Grove Video showed during the introduction: