Photographer:Andrea | Integrated Transport Service team Photographer:Andrea | Laxmanan driving an electric auto-rickshow Photographer:Andrea | Krishna: ALot team member Photographer:Andrea | Kelmut is an architet living in Auroville since the '60 Photographer:Andrea | Matthias is one of the first person driving an electric scooter back in the '80 Photographer:Andrea | The electric vehicles available for testing & renting Photographer:Andrea | Chandresh is part of the Integrated Transport Service team

Integrated Transport Service

Auroville has always strived to move away from the traditional chaotic mobility scene of India to a more calming, quieter, non-polluting mode of transport. Today four wheeler traffic within Auroville is on an alarming rise. There are commercial transport vehicles such as taxis and auto rickshaws, delivery vehicles such as mini load carriers belonging to Auroville units and services and also private players delivering materials to construction sites and premises of Auroville.
A roadmap needs to be drawn up that allows for a gradual and smooth transition for the community to adopt policies and methods to ease and streamline the four wheeler traffic within Auroville to the most critical and necessary amenities. The needs for this heavy traffic all across Auroville will be mitigated in phased manner with alternate energy, electrical transport solutions that are quiet, calming (slower speed), alternative energy base and non-polluting. Of course this transition will be gradual and will progressively move us towards a community transport that offers myriad modes of mobility choices for varying needs for all age group of persons.
The key objectives of ITS are as follows:
– Strive towards a noiseless, pollution-free, safe transportation system while keeping the central area of Auroville as free as possible of heavy vehicles.
– Enable seamless transition from traditional vehicles to Evs by creating the appropriate infrastructure and ecosystem.
– Align various transport related activities with the larger Auroville vision.
– Utilising relevant technologies to meet the mobility demands in Auroville including rentals, repairs, services, parking and taxi hiring.
– Create a scalable model for replication across small and medium sized towns and cities across India for eco-friendly, localized transport solutions that can be integrated into the existing urban transport networks