Photographer:Niveditha | The participants in the meeting Photographer:Niveditha | Audience interacting Photographer:Niveditha | Linda Grace presenting the proposal for the 50th anniversary celebrations of Auroville Photographer:Niveditha | Iraguha of African Pavilion presenting Photographer:Niveditha | A view from one of the windows of the meeting hall in Tibetian Pavilion
18 Nov / 2015Program by:

International Zone – General Meet

The general meeting of the Auroville International Zone was held on the 16th of November, Monday from 3pm to 6pm at the Tibetian Pavilion. The gathering saw around 30 Auroville enthusiasts having diverse cultural backgrounds, working with a common Aurovilian spirit.

B, a senior Aurovillian from the International House rendered an overview of the purpose of the meeting, when he also mentioned the soaring pace with which all the new pavilions are currently working. He gave an insight of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Auroville, to be held in the year 2018 and the significance of the structuring of the International Zone. He said, “Different people from all over the world will come here. They will realize that something significant is happening and would want to be a part of us.”

All the attendees of the meeting introduced themselves and also added few words about their aspirations and dreams of the International Zone, Auroville.
To start with, Linda Grace gave a presentation of the proposals for the 50th anniversary celebrations, where she highlighted the idea of art installations at 14 focal points all along the International Zone and also the proposed budget.
Martin of AVI shared information on the contribution and participation of AVI in the development of the European area in the IZ. He said, “What is planned also is a temporary European Pavilion which will be much along the lines of the French Pavilion, as the permanent one involves long term work.
To contact UNESCO for a new resolution and the creation of a new library within IZ are few of the proposals. Also, he informed that all the AVI groups will be meeting in Auroville, next February.

The following groups shared their statuses and works in the form of presentations:
– French Pavilion by Claude Jouen,
– Bharat Nivas by Aster Patel, she said – “The history of Bharat Nivas is closely intertwined with the history of Bharat Nivas.”
– African Pavilion by Iraguha,
– Italian Pavilion by Samadarshana and Susmita,
– Korean Pavilion by Jinne,
– Hungarian Pavilion by Bogi.

The meeting culminated with a presentation by Luigi and Louis Cohen on the infrastructure planning and development of the International Zone, Auroville.