Photographer:Gino | From left: Philippe,Swaroop, Thierry and Suresh Photographer:Gino | Suresh  on Mizhavu, Prakas and Madh on Swaram instruments Photographer:Gino | The large copper drum Mizhavu played by Suresh Photographer:Gino | Acrobatic martial art dance by Nikhil Varagiri Photographer:Gino | Performance about Earth played on bare earth Photographer:Gino | Traditional martial art Kalaripayattu in form of dance Photographer:Gino | Large crowd assisting the Kalaripayattu dance and Drum performance
02 Sep / 2017Program by:

Interview after perfomance of Bhu

After the Premiere of Bhu/Earth we interview the choreographer Philippe Pelen Baldini, his assistant Thierry Moucazambo and other artists of the dance and music performance.

Suresh, Percussionist and teacher of traditional Music of Kerala together with Prakash and Madhu from Swaram of Auroville created the background sound of the martial art dance show.

Suresh played on a large copper drum called Mizhavu. A traditional drum of Kerala which is almost 1000 year old. This hand percussion is considered as sacred and it is used to accompany the holy ritualistic temple performance Koodiyattam and Koothu.
Prakash and Madhu played on Swaram designed and produced instruments.

Listen to the full audio recording of the performance