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Interview with Snehal D. Roy

Snehal D. Roy is a newcomer and works with IPK.

She’s a Graduate and major in the field of information technology and also has several years of experience in media and entertainment.

Math has always been an integral part of her educational and professional journey and yet she always struggled to relate to it completely until she started teaching it a few years ago, first to her children and then to people of various ages and backgrounds. 

She understood that the reason she was unable to fully comprehend math was because she was treating it as a very rigid subject. Something that has a problem and you have to learn how to find its solution. It often resulted in getting lost into the technicalities of various methods, limiting her view towards maths.  

Whereas, in reality, it has a very fluid form and structure, very similar to that of a language.

She has worked with children across the world and also designed curriculum for children studying in different geographies.

She found that introducing math as a language to children not only improves creativity in them, but also reduces the fear for the subject significantly. It was also discovered that the overall awareness of the surroundings was improved, resulting in better decision making capabilities.

IPK Activities is offering one-on-one assistance in mathematical understanding for children from age 8-16yrs (against contribution).

The intention is to discover / re-discover the language of mathematics through various aspects.

We would like children to have a fluid way of learning mathematics which can be molded as per one’s needs.

For more information please write to or reach us any working day at 9529673687 between 1-4pm.