Photographer:Maria | Mahesha Ram group playing for Kabir at Edayanchavadi sports ground Photographer:Maria | Mahesha Ram qroup from Rajasthan Photographer:Maria | The six players of Mahesha Ram group Photographer:Maria | Mahesha Ram singing and playing with the musicians of the group Photographer:Maria | The drumer of the Mahesha Ram group Photographer:Maria | Mahesha Ram and the percussionists Photographer:Maria | Mahesha Ram group greets the audience after its performance at Edayanchavadi sports ground
06 Apr / 2012Program by:

Kabir by Mahesha Ram Group

The group belongs to the Chattangadh’s Meghval community of Rajasthan with musicians not by profession but traditional carriers of Kabirs poetry through the oral traditions of all-night jagrans and satsangs. Mahesha Ram had powerful voice with elongated notes and oscillations. The joy brought by he music and the bright pink and multicolored turbans was spontaneously accompanied by the audience’s dance on Edayanchavadi sports ground. – – –