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29 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: VeraLanguage: English

Kalabhumi Goes Live – Lots of Good Shakti in the Bossa Nova Band!

On Saturday night 27 October 2018 at the Kalabhumi Studio, Auroville’s musicians – Shakti on keyboard and lead vocals, Shank on electric guitar and Rolf on electric bass – formed the 3 piece band “Bossa Nova’.

First, they delighted the audience with “Bossa Nova” tunes, a style of popular Brazilian music derived from the samba, but with more melodic and harmonic complexity and less emphasis on percussion. Perfect! Shankti’s skill dancing her fingers up and down the keyboard and her feathery, happy singing easily lead the trio.
With a real feel for playing, Shank sweetened and filled the melodies on his hollow body Ibanez electric guitar, which was also the perfect guitar for the following jazz tunes.
Rolf was solid on bass holding the trio together as they transitioned into their jazz playlist, which was highlighted by Shakti bringing Vera on stage to sing with her.

Vera’s singing style meshed well with her selection of “Cry Me a River”, a popular 1930’s American torch song, and “Caravan”, an American jazz standard that was composed by Juan Tizol and Duke Ellington and first performed by Ellington in 1936. Irving Mills wrote lyrics, but they are rarely sung. It was very special to hear Vera’s singing rendition of this song.

The performers now brought Suryan on stage, who joined Vera singing the 1970’s rhythm and blues tune “Moondance” by Van Morrison. Love was in the air setting the stage for the next set – Suryan Solo.