Photographer:Ake/AVArtservice | From left: Yuri, Ray, Shmuel and Rolf Photographer:Ake/AVArtservice | Shmuel playing his soprano saxophone. On the back Rolf on bass. Photographer:Ake/AVArtservice | Yuri playing keyboards and Ray on the drumset Photographer:Ake/AVArtservice | Yuri in a solo Photographer:Ake/AVArtservice | Ray on the drumset Photographer:Ake/AVArtservice | The Music Studio it was built in 2003 thanks to a donation of an Auroville's commercial unit. Photographer:Ake/AVArtservice | Shmuel
30 Nov / 2017Program by:
Featured: RolfLanguage: English

Kalabhumi Goes Live, Nov 2017

Last Saturday, the November edition “KALABHUMI goes Live” started off with Devij singing traditional Hindi songs followed by the brand new international Jazz 4-tet.

Devij, supported by guitar and percussion brought an intimate set approved by a young and enthusiastic crowd. He jumped from traditional Hindi songs to modern hits in an easy going and relaxed vibe.
The Jazz 4-tet went thru lesser known jazz standards in a dynamic bossa nova and swing jazz style, the first called the ‘new wave’ of the 60’s in Brazil, and the latter developed in the 30’s in the US.
Smuel Segev from Israel spiced up the evening with his energetic soprano saxophone playing. Yuri Angelo from Holland handled the keys like a real fusion pro
On bass, Rolf Bosbach from Germany provided the performance with a solid underlying melodic structure and the drums were kicked alive by Ray Barelli from Belgium.
Surprisingly Vera and Shakti joined in and each sang a ballad to conclude this amazing jazz evening.
Keep on swinging Kalabhumi!