Photographer:NN | Auroville forest Photographer:NN | Art and Healing poster
17 Sep / 2019Program by:


Auroville is a living example of the unity of East and West, and the Acres for Auroville campaign is one example. On 15th August 2014, Lands for Auroville Unified launched A4A as a collaboration of Auroville International, based in the West, and Lands for Auroville Unified, based in Auroville, in the East. Thanks to the solidarity of friends like you, we have achieved significant results for the emergence of a harmonious, green, and inspiring universal township. But more land needs to be secured.

A series of fundraising events for 2019/2020 is beginning on 21st September with Arts & Healing Festival in Joy Community, 6am-10pm.
There will be 2 activities areas, an art space, a kids corner, 3 therapy-rooms, various performances, and much more. It will be a joyful day to be grateful for what we already have in Auroville and for what we aspire to have. All the festival activities and even food will be offered on donation basis and the profit will be entirely devolved for the purchase of land for Auroville. So come with a big heart to try out that activity you heard about since long, but never got the time to do; come to enjoy and be generous!