Photographer:Giorgio | Lilaloka in Sanskrit means the place of Play Photographer:Giorgio | From Left: Fabio Pollonio, Andrea Camerini, Savana Chiavetti Photographer:Giorgio | Andrea Camerini Photographer:Giorgio | Fundraising buffet lunch by the beach of Sri Ma at Auroville Photographer:Giorgio | Dancing time Photographer:Giorgio | Lele and Yvelise Photographer:Giorgio | Lilaloka explenation board
16 Apr / 2015Program by:
Featured: Andrea CameriniLanguage: Italian

Lilaloka fundraising in Srima

Lots of fun, smiles, music, flowers and delicious food for this Lilaloka fundraising buffet lunch by the beach of Sri Ma at Auroville the 24th January 2015.
Lilaloka, the self-learning and Resource Centre for the Child, is currently under construction in the cultural zone of Auroville, and all proceeds of this event have gone towards helping the completion of the first building.
The music has been performed by the Savanah group with Andrea Camerini (Voice, flute etc.), Fabio Pollonio (guitar) and Savanah Chiavetti (guitar). The sound has been managed by Joel Boasis.

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