Photographer:Claire | Between 20 to 30 people were attending the conference

Listen to the future of Auroville through this "Open Mic Presentation"

Introduction from Sigrid and Mannas
Natasha and Giacommo – building a co-working space (9’15)
Rik – afforestation project (23’39)
Patrick – afforestation, water conservation and forest schools (35’43)
Island – Afforestation and water conservation, and green infrastructures in city (58’07)
Christian – Water Conservation and Food Security – AurOchard Farm (1h09’38)
Ravi and Luca – Egle E- Motorbike 1h22’13
Island – Trees along Urban road 1h24’52
Michael – Joy of Impermanence 1h43’46
Kipaak Project – Eco-park – 1h58’14
Small South Asian Cultural Center & Activities for Women and Children – 2h12’30


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  • Hannes

    I really enjoyed these talks! Where can I get more information about the two projects presented by Island? I’d love to learn more about them…and how I could potentially get involved.