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Lowcost house; What it takes

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Sindhuja of Imago Auroville explains how they built a house for under 12 Lakhs, she shares the concept, materials and method employed, which gives us an indication for new possibilities and we think of the new steps needed for building homes and reducing costs in Auroville.
More details can be found at:

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Andrea Oct 20, 2015 Reply

Great design and price !

Sindhuja Oct 20, 2015 Reply

Wow nice thanks! 🙂

Andrea Oct 20, 2015 Reply

And nice interview also… Please continue your research to offer housing at affordable price !
I agree 100% with Sindhuja’s point of view regarding a more sustainable way to deal with our ideals but materials facts as well…

Amando Oct 20, 2015 Reply

This could be a solution for Auroville housing shortage. In fact, this could be a solution for the world’s housing shortage. Inspiring! Fantastic radio program!
Thank you all.

Andrea Oct 21, 2015 Reply

In different currencies the cost of this 100 square meters house is: Euro 16218. US$ 18419. Amazing ! 🙂

    Amando Oct 22, 2015 Reply

    Amazing indeed! I was thinking about forwarding this link to the Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation, the UN and Habitat for Humanity. But I would like you, Renu and above all Sindhuja to agree with it first. What do you think?

marie claire Oct 23, 2015 Reply

hey !!! great design and cost yes! looking forword to see the finished house!

Md. Sohel Rana Apr 25, 2017 Reply

cost effective and dynamically efficient

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Lowcost house exterior
Lowcost house interior
The random rubble wall