Photographer:Maryliz | Martin Scherfler, a Co-Founder of Auroville Consulting, stands for Integrity for himself and others. Photographer:Maryliz | Martin is very thoughtful in his conversation. Photographer:Maryliz | Martin gives an inspiring interview.
13 Dec / 2018Program by:

Martin Scherfler, a Co-Founder of Auroville Consulting, Stands for Integrity

This is Part 1 in a Series of Stewards for a New Emergence Interviews with
Aurovilian Radical Transformational Leaders. Leaving old paradigms aside,
radical transformational leaders design and implement projects from an unwavering stance
in their awareness of what universal values they stand for.

They encourage their team to source their inner capacity as well. The ultimate goal, using the full spectrum of consciousness tools/ techniques, is a sustainable and equitable change to solving problems, shifting norms and systems, and sourcing full potential.

Martin explains the kinds of projects Auroville Consulting is involved in and describes their expertise in ecologically and socially responsible development.

He highlights the 5 December 2018 launch of the Solar Village Search Engine, the product of the Solar Village Initiative, which plans to solarize 100 villages, starting with Irumbai, in India by 2030. Auroville Consulting will be responsible for the overall implementation and management of the Solar Village Initiative.

Enjoy Martin’s easy and warm conversation discussing his collaboration with academic, private, and public sector partners both in India and internationally, helping to develop sustainable urban and industrial development policies, ecologically friendly technologies ┬ľand – the minds of future leaders.

Auroville Consulting:

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Phone: 0413 262 2571

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